Das Leben geht manchmal unererklaerliche Wege, mein Weg sollte mich eigentlich nie nach Neuseeland fuehren, bis ich den Mann meines Lebens fand – einen Neuseelaender, namens Chris.

Die Mutter meines Freundes ist eine neuseelaendische Schriftstellerin und kurz nach unserem Kennenlernen schrieb sie ein Gedicht ueber mich, https://blogfrisch.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/tag-425-gastbeitrag-picking-up-feathers/, welches sie nach Deutschland sendete, denn Neuseeland ist in diesem Jahr der Ehrengast auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Heute wurde das Gedicht zum „woechentlichen Highlight“ gekuert, veroeffentlicht und auf meinen Blog verlinkt.

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch, Kay McKenzie Cooke! Neuseeland und Deutschland sind eben eine unerwartet unschlagbare Kombination.


Author Commentary on the poem

Our oldest son is married to E. from Japan. They have two children
whom they are bringing up with a knowledge of two cultures and two
languages. We have visited them twice now in Japan, and E. (as well as
her wider family and friends) have visited us here in New Zealand.

Nearly half a year ago, our son was in Colombia and met a young woman
from Germany. That young woman is now his partner. Our son recently
returned to New Zealand, bringing Jenny with him.

Consequently even more windows and doors to different cultures and
languages have been opened. Within all the families involved, the
welcoming in of these two young women from foreign countries has
helped join together and heal previous generations and their
historical memories. Our friends laughingly refer to us as ‘The United

Jenny and I have found a common bond in writing. She confessed she
couldn’t really understand poetry that was written in English. (Poetry
it seems is a little more ‘slippery’ to translate than prose).
However, she read the poem I wrote about / for her, ‘picking up
feathers’, and loved it. She said she could understand every word.