Translation: Chris Cooke

„New Zealand needs more beans, Colombia looks like Ecuador” or “Just one more line and I’m done with Japan” – these are the words of a person addicted to hacky sacks.

Hacky what? – yea, right, that was my exact question 3 days ago. Little balls, world famous, with multiple uses, and a cash cow for people of all ages. Every backpacker has something they do really well, whether it’s playing an instrument, having an incredible voice or painting like Picasso.

I have always asked myself – what is my special talent?
Who would’ve thought that my very basic chrocheting skills could come in so handy.  I had never been especially good at it, the only shape I could makes was a square, so I always ended up with scarfs or half finished blankets.

And than I had this magical “hacky sack moment” –  I saw my lovely roomie, Chris, hackying and juggling. Everybody loves it – it’s a great instrument for wasting time, and (most importantly) you look cool doing it.

Chrochet has never been cool – but there’s a first time for everything.
I made my first hacky, upgrading my squres into circles. Ok, so the first one was more an egg than a ball, but “hacky sackying men” are easily impressed. Over the next three days I became hooked, doing crochet from sunrise to sunset, shutting myself off from all conversation.

Think big! To be honest, I have visions of mass producing hackys in China and selling them worldwide. Germany went crazy while hosting the football world cup and people bought all sorts of stupid shit with a flag on it, but where was the hacky-sack-seller? Is it really just me who has these genius ideas, or is there something wrong with these cute little balls?

I will figure this out, how this hacky-business works while travelling.

The first person I shared my great idea with was my Dad, and his answer was: “Why are you doing it by yourself?”, pay five locals next to nothing to produce them and then sell them. Ok – maybe he thinks bigger than me. Or maybe, it’s just that he can’t imagine a life when you have enough time on your hands to do whatever you want, a life where you really appreciate the handmade things in life.